Following the 2013 dis-banding of X Factor formed popular boyband JLS, we’ve waited on news to reach us with regard to what might come next for each of the accomplished four. Whilst Marvin has scored himself a media savvy duel career taking in TV presenting, Radio DJ-ing and producing as part of the production trio of LuvBug, JB turned his attention to farming and Aston is working up material in the studio, it is band member Oritsé who is the first to actively return to the mic and debut new material under his new music identity of OWS.

Acting as commendable choice of release in showcasing OWS’s R’n’B indebted vocals “Waterline” is carried along on a broody sonic undercurrent allowing the full enveloping panorama of the vocals to work their swoony magic on us.

To give you a little of the back story on this, interestingly, “Waterline” was first introduced to the US last September with OWS introduced and noted only as a singer from the UK. It was a move that instantly won favour with some of the big industry names stateside amongst their number, Jay Z, Kanye West and American hip-hop artist Pusha T. The latter of which has gone on to lend a guesting contribution on the finalised edit.

The overall sophisticated and sultry nature of the track teamed with its notable poignant intensity are fit for an artily composed, dark themed video treatment, and this is exactly what it has received.

Tipped for big things stateside already, OWS will first appear at SXSW prior to his 25th March, UK headline show at OSLO, London