Spring has sprung, which means it couldn’t be a better time to get our heads and minds in the mood for an upbeat tune with a meaningful message behind it. To well and truly usher away the grim and often grey winter weather, we don’t have to look any further than emerging singer-songwriter Jazz Mino to get a taste of what we’re after. She makes a dazzling figure with her hyacinth blue dipped hairstyle. Imagine, if she were nestled in among a carpet of bluebells in a flower garden, it might be difficult to pick her out. More dazzle comes by way of the latest single “Warriors“, a song which shows its colours in many different ways.

The only things Jazz has on her mind is making searingly hot songs and empowering minds with feel-good sounds and words of wisdom. “Warriors” is a rousing call to arms which the singer says she was inspired to write “as I feel like 2017, was a year full of bad news for sort of everyone. For me, “Warriors” is all about standing together and knowing no matter how bad things can seem; your true friends have got your back and will help you through anything.” 

The song has a whole lot of energy surging through it which is visually echoed, by Jazz’s warrior pals in the accompanying music video. They are united, by focusing on spreading positivity and their penchant for blue hair and make-up which is certainly a colourful take on a battledress. Jazz Mino is an emerging artist who evidently has a lot to say, but this is only the beginning. At the present moment in time, the catchy allure of this track requires little more than we just, have to take a step-back and plug ourselves in. To feel all the feelings intended.

Jazz Mino’s next gig is at The Old Queens Head, London – 18th, April. Get your ticket HERE

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