South London duo Temptress is a soul-pop force in the making who we first met last year on sultry offering “Guilty Pleasure“. A track which I haven’t been able to get off my mind to this day because of its gorgeous production and soothing electronic style.

I’ve wanted to hear more from this hot little duo as I have no reservations in declaring them are ones to watch. They have kept me waiting a while, but eventually, the payoff has arrived.

Temptress steps back into the action with the funk-injected grooves of “What I Want“. A track which feels made for the balmiest of summer nights, so much so that Jess and Vladimir of the duo felt it necessary to fly out to Barbados to shoot the video.

There are real ones to watch vibes resonating with the duo, and I am quickly recognising that Temptress’s sleek and silky performance meets house spangled, electronic style creates the cool kind of dance tracks which are giving me chills of so much good feeling about them. The quality and potential of the duo are evident, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they will be coming for us in a big way in 2018 because these last two singles sound real legit.

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