Avan Lava

So we are keeping on our promise of more AVAN LAVA coverage here on EQ Music.

Mostly because we’ve come to realise that these guys know how to turn burbling dance beats into something far more flavoursome than the averagely groomed club banger and more centred on the fact that we continue to remain a tad miffed that we got caught up in SXSW euphoria and somehow missed out on their festival showcase.

Happy for us the dance-pop collective have seen to it to expedite another track thick and fast from their newly received “Make It Real” EP plumping for the glitzy techno-shaped embellished anthem “Wanna Live” to receive the visual treatment.

These folks give the full entertainment value in dance style and fashion, they seek to combine the two commodities and deliver a fabulouso end product that is effervescently upbeat and ultra modern in its purpose.

To AVAN LAVA’s credit, their cohesively drawn upon blueprint of seeking to incorporate fashion associated names into their formula has this time landed them a video clip directed by Alexander Hammer, who most recently edited Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “On the Run” HBO tour documentary.

As we find it AVAN LAVA have chic pouring out of them, it’s the soul of the bands infrastructure that does this, but a helping hand it prettying it all up with the assistance of industry established names is always a sign that are taking it to the next level.