Polly Scattergood 2

We just can’t get enough of Polly Scattergood’s redeveloped sound here at EQ, it’s just so stylishly exquisite and otherworldly appealing, which makes for a welcome break from all the boom boom out there.

Serving as pre-cursor to the September release of album “Arrows”, the divinely addictive insight of “Wanderlust” is a sonically soaring sensation that gracefully spirals with an ethereal flourish, bestowing a spellbindingly seductive air of serenity within it’s surging soundscape.

A theme, which is picked-up on the video too as songbird Polly in “Wanderlust” land, has gone down the rabbit hole and become captured into a TV set.  As she transmits the aforesaid otherworldly sonic ballad those within close proximity take to their feet and dance as they are drawn to its hypnotic affect.

As am I, plié, plié, arabesque and pas de deux. “Wanderlust’s” mesmerizing outlook is a captivating scattering of shimmery magic dust, which is enchanting enough to bring out the Princess in all of us.