In 2013, pop, singer-songwriter newcomer Steve Grand broke the internet with heartfelt debut single “All American Boy“, which went viral and caused a sensation. Not only was it a brave decision for Steve to release something that resonated so deeply, personally, the fact that it was released off of his own back purely as an independent artist was a very major thing to do. He became an active figure in the LGBT equality movement and an overnight YouTube celebrity but, as a result of the Kickstarter funded album “All American Boy“, he became pigeonholed as a country-pop artist which is something Steve is now quick to point out, his music is more diverse than that. During the summer of 2017, we got our first taste of what is meant by, Not-Country pop (the term the Illinois native now uses to describe his music) when he returned with a new single “Walking“.

The sophomore effort has been in the works as Steve has remained actively in-demand with live shows. On June 9th a new single “Walking” was revealed and, it was clear that the singer was definitely, making a conscious effort to leave the country-pop tag behind. The track is styled by big anthemic pop vibes and laced, with uplifting electronic elements but, the lyrics remain as endearingly personable and genuine as ever. The much-promised music video to go alongside the track has just made its way online issued with this statement from Steve, “Happy almost-Thanksgiving, guys! Here is the lost-but-not-forgotten “Walking” Music Video we shot in New Orleans all the way back in May! My original idea didn’t quite pan out, but John Lavin (Director and Editor) did an amazing job with a lot of the silliness we captured! And after thinking on it for the last few months, I’ve decided a lot of you would probably still get a kick out of all the fun and behind the scenes silliness we had on the single-day we shot all of this 😉 So here is our cornucopia of crazy just in times for Thanksgiving! :D”

It may not be the video he intended to make but, I think it has turned out well, embodies the feeling of pure joy and that to me on a cold wintry November day is very pleasing to watch.

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