This might take you by surprise, as it did me, Bishop Briggs has just released her first new track as a newly independent artist. You can call it a quick turnaround if you will, as “Walk You Home” arrives just weeks after the alt-pop powerhouse unleashed feel-good anthem “Higher” with Island Records. What I was aware of, however, is that her fans have been begging for the release “Walk You Home” since Bishop shared about a minute clip of the track on Instagram, this summer.

My guess is Sarah was biding her time for this release with good reason. By signing off her commitments to the record label, before dropping this bombastic, indie-pop, nugget. The reception the stripped-back video alone has received since it went live a few days ago has been nothing but sensational. (When bearing in mind, she’s probably her own boss now.) What hasn’t changed is the gutsy performance she always gives and how unabashedly honest the song lyrics are. Just saying that the track is powerful doesn’t do it justice. The emotion Bishop pours into every word and breath is really immensely, intoxicating. That it, kind of makes me feel exhausted in a good way because the track has such an explosive, energy which surges throughout.

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The track which was once again co-written with K. Flay (Kristine recently contributed to Bishop Briggs sophomore album “Champion“) is a discussion about battling demons and toxicity. But is also an open and direct conversation about friendships, wanting to be around and be a friend when the real shit hits the fan.

Label-signed or independent it has always felt like Bishop Briggs was calling the shots. The track also opens us up to the realisation that Bishop Briggs is now in a place to be as daring she wants to be with her music. On “Walk You Home” it feels like she’s feeding gunpowder down the barrel of a cannon because the track goes off with a thunderous bang and not a timid pop. A new standard has been set. I can’t remember when I last felt a buzz like this purely from a song. The thought of more dynamic, emotionally charged offerings from Bishop Briggs has my adrenaline-pumping sky high. I feel like I’ve had a massive emotional workout because of listening to this song, think I need a cup of Chamomile tea to calm me down.

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