Depeche Mode fans are probably well aware of NYC musician/producer Kurt Uenala as a longtime collaborator with the band, having had pivotal production roles on the albums “Delta Machine” and “Sounds Of The Universe” or by his alias Kap10kurt on remixes of Depeche frontman Dave Gahan’s solo work. What the majority of us might not know is that Kurt also has a project of his own, Null + Void which is set to release its debut album “Cryosleep“, on 3rd November.

On this new solo venture, the prolific producer has invited some interesting, collaborators on board, featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Big Pink, Light Asylum and Dave Gahan. These artists help to break a little light into the dark pop soundscape of the album where moody new wave bleeds into stark electronics. The track “Where I Wait” featuring Dave Gahan, is a thrilling psychological concept which explores the violent side of love. The music has sinister overtones that partner well with Dave’s signature moody vocal and, there is a similarity to Depeche Mode’s work in evidence.

Director Tim Saccenti has brought the chilling mood out onto the accompanying music video through a shadowy portrayal of a relationship which has turned creepy and menacing. In parts, the clip is uncomfortable to watch. There is a hint of blood and gore but, the visual never goes so far to be overtly explicit as visual effects take over, introducing a modern art aesthetic. The female character in the clip is definitely, seeking her revenge in some blood curling ways though. With the ending in sight, it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to be a pretty one. However, the music video itself is suitably disturbing and will feed the need for a taste of spookiness this Halloween.

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