L.A. electro pop duo Room8 kick up an 80’s cinematic synth sound on the title track of their new EP “Visions Of You”.

The production brains of Ezra Reich and Nic Johns have their heads firmly planted in the 80’s era and they clearly have a fascination with nu-disco, sci-fi and early CGI inspired animation.

The track receives vocal assistance from Bronwyn of Toronto based electronic pop duo Electric Youth and it is her sweetly managed vocals which quintessentially aids the journey back in time.

The full effect is grown off of an accompanying throwback to film night promo clip replete with nostalgic visual and soundtrack aesthetics of both the blockbuster movies “Tron” and “Drive”.

Visions Of You” quite has the power and vitality to awaken the kidadult spirit within, whilst the neon hued melody adheres directly with fondness to the flashback zone of our memory banks.