Danish synth-pop newcomers Saint Best popped up on my radar last year brandishing an effervescing style of disco with debut single “In The Morning”. It all came with a video that certainly made an impression, taking food porn to new heights.

I have been really hoping to hear more from the band though, as I really kinda liked their cheery brand of pop from the outset. At the end of last year, my request was answered when they dropped their “Need You Now” EP. It’s actually very good, if you’re into the 80’s vibes and love shimmery, shiny danceable bops. Lurking in there is some very good songwriting too.

The lead vocalist has a bit of a vocal resemblance to a-Ha’s Morten Harket going on which comes to the fore the more you listen through the EP. Which if anything else I’ll guarantee you’ll find enjoyable.

The new offering plucked from the EP is the equally electronic pop fizzing track “Vincent Bowman”, which I believe is in reference to an actor of the same name. And if you can half imagine Morten Harket fronting former synth-pop band Swiss Lips, then you’ll really appreciate where the track is placed melodically in the scheme of things. On the visual side, there are strong references in-keeping with the lyrics. It’s set at the swimming baths and features two synchronized swimmers stepping up to take the plunge into the waters. Theme-matically this is what the track is all about, taking the plunge. Having the courage to throw caution to the wind and taking a chance on your dreams.

What is on the surface as a catchy pop song, is far mightier and empowering.