Oh what a pure delight it is to have songbird Jerry Williams swing by with another of her visually wistful videos in complement to her equally endearing brand of lyrical indie pop.

You know Jerry truly is the epitome of a breath of fresh air on the pop landscape. In that she’s streaks ahead with her songwriting skills and whatismore Jerry has the foresight in her ever so sweet way to lead us in to listen intently to her every word.

There is something beyond special in Jerry’s vocal delivery which exudes a charm so rare and untainted. It is clear Jerry is being nothing but authentic in all areas of her musicianship. From the ground up to putting on a show, the words most fitting to describe Jerry’s work are engagingly organic.

Here with the dreamily charming “Velcro” video which is lifted from the current “Let’s Just Forget It” EP. Jerry touches base with her emotions to bring about a nostalgically ripe story of unrequited love that exists as a fantasy thought up in her pretty little head. Jerry is taking some time out to the local penny arcade when she gets caught up in this particular reflective moment. Throwing a dime in the slot machine and chancing her arm that her luck might come in at the tug of a coin operated, Bar X, one armed bandit. The subtlety made touches in this video are bountiful. More over for the enlightened to its day dreamy charisma it evokes taking risks.

Make no assumptions, there is much more to Jerry Williams than the sweetness and light that we first encounter. She’s just so impressingly focused in all that she does, the love of her art shines through and you really feel it too and more importantly believe in it. Because it’s unequivocally nothing short of being the real deal!