Gwyn Love is a talented singer-songwriter making a name for themselves in the pop scene. While they are relatively new to the industry. Their unique blend of genres and the occasional foray into electronic pop were brought to my attention multiple times. However, their latest release, “ur gf kisses me,” is the one that has truly captivated me. This particular track showcases a more intimate and dreamy side of Gwyn’s music, and it’s clear that they have put a lot of heart and soul into its creation.

Since arriving on the pop scene, Gwyn’s been trying hard to stand out. However, all they needed to do this was a simple but effective song such as “ur gf kisses me” that uses heartfelt lyricism. This approach ensured that the narrative shines, showing depth and maturity beyond any they have expressed before. With soft and sweet vocals musing over the vengeful fantasy of standing up to a friend’s toxic partner. Gwyn Love truly brings this song to life.

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As a creative deeply invested in every aspect of what they put out to the musical world. The “ur gf kisses me” official music video, directed by Max Hite, is still dripping in Gwyn’s unique sense of style. In the clip, the unfolding story sees Gwyn stand up to their friend’s terrible boyfriend and gives him a stern talking-to. The song lyrics demonstrate Gwyn’s unapologetic and empowering attitude towards standing up for oneself and not tolerating toxic relationships.

“Your girlfriend kisses me when you’re not around. When she gets lonely, we cuddle on the couch. Your girlfriend kisses me when you’re not around. Hope she leaves your toxic ass alone and empty.”

I must admit, I’ve watched the video for Gwyn Love’s latest track more times than I’ve actually streamed the song itself. The nostalgic vibes and overall aesthetics are just so strong and captivating. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever – Gwyn Love has really hit it out of the park with this release!

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