Since having a craving for soothing and softer music offerings on the weekend. The latest focus track of Quinn ChristophersonUptown” caught my ear. Christopherson, an Alaskan singer-songwriter, released debut album “Write Your Name In Pink” this week. This is where I noted. Furthermore deciding to immerse myself in the emotive realm of sonic soundscapes and the impressive candid lyrical narratives of Quinn Christopherson’s first body of work.

All things considered. Given that the mood emanating from the UK is somewhat of a collective feeling of national introspection at the moment. (Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II). I felt I needed my recent new music intake, to suit the occasion. For this reason. When I struck upon the dreamy melody of “Uptown“. The gentle charm of this guitar-led and synth-embellished song, summed up my own sense of perspective and current frame of mind.

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The personal lyrical style used by Quinn, born of personal experience. Details a story of coming through adversity. Of personal growth, and the wish of making a conscious effort to self-improve.

Quinn explains the hard truth about his track, “Uptown”, which is about “5 years of sobriety that was a milestone that made me re-examine an old version of myself. He says openly

To further explain. The songwriting style used by Quinn Christopherson is rather like that of an open book. As he processes the complexities of his reality lived. He takes us back to the troubled spots he endured. He does this as he strives for answers and as a way to help get his life back on track. Without reservation we see this come to frution. Being used in a concept that traverses and is discussed at length on the album.

There was something more in the yearning and dreaminess of the music of “Uptown” that drew me in, in the first instance. That it was this that encouraged me to wind back a little. To observe some much-needed chill-out time. To put it another way. The strength and clarity of the songwriting on display is such that I plan to revisit the Quinn Christopherson album “Write Your Name In Pink” again, soon. After normalcy returns.

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