It was in the midst of last year that I finally called out alternative electronic pop outfit Nimmo as a worthy to watch new emerging act. Although the fact of the matter is the once duo, now evolved into a band format has seen a steady progression through some time to give the standard of nichely gleaming electronica they are currently feeding us with today.

What I liked about Nimmo especially, is how undaunted they are by just cooly filtering out these pieces of glitchy permeating, propulsive electronica like it’s no big deal. BUT it SO is. I know it is. I feel it is. It’s at a teetering edge of traversing many frontiers of pop and by that degree it is very much exciting.

Above all I found the dynamically frenetic, dance ready previous single “Dilute This” to be mesmersingly emblazoned in electronic music adventure and it gripped my attention thus.

The band follow-up in an austere vein, which garners up compellingly skittering beats steered sublimely off-centre by nature of a darkly dance curated melody and offers up the kind of intelligent electronica which is highly prized and highly praised when it amounts to something of this caliber of artistic standing.

Reminding us that age is just a number and never losing sight of our youthful inhibition is good for the soul. The accompanying visual documents indulging in carefree abandonment, the recklessness and the passionate fire which first lit our youthful optimism.

Like when the world spins and you just HAVE to make out when the arrow of desire pins you to the spot. It’s about
being ALIVE in the moment and maintaining that throughout life.

Gonna be a BIG year for Nimmo, I have no doubt about this! Of course, touring alongside Years & Years can only be seen as an even further catalyst for expediting their breaking-out status.