This lovely track “Unfinished” from Sam DeRosa is the LA-based singer-songwriter’s final share from her debut “The Medicine” EP. While I may have cut in at the last minute of the promotion of this project, it has allowed me the opportunity to really luxuriate in Sam’s artistry and musical style. “The Medicine” EP is authentic, relatable pop. The six tracks detail about, dealing with heartbreak and hurt, using soft melodic tones and a pop voice with a soulful edge. Sam takes us through the various stages of coming to terms with our feelings. I particularly liked “Unfinished” because the track takes a look at open-ended situations. “Unfinished” on its own acts like a big question mark. When I come across one of those, I just want to dig deeper, coming up with answers by myself.

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In her bid to channel feelings about love and relationships, Sam DeRosa has created an illuminating storybook about the said topics. There is the track to cry along with. The track, to dance around the room too, and the track, a little messed up and melancholy. Sam takes us on the full journey, and there is no escaping getting in our feelings, and going through the heavy moments with her.

That is maybe a little unfair of me. These tracks on balance have a lightness and gorgeous, hummable melodies about them. Even “Unfinished” with its up in the air attributes exudes with the above. Taking a look at the video, we see Sam is kinda, OK with leaving things unfinished. She undertakes a little dancing, but mostly she appears in the moment with the music.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Sam says.

“Some stories don’t get an ending, and some people never get a proper goodbye. I knew that I wanted to touch on this idea that maybe this is what it is. Maybe we are just meant to be open-ended and there’s no ending, and there’s no reason for that?”

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