It started out looking like this week may be a little thin on the ground for good pop releases, (for those that really grabbed my attention in any case). When it is a slow week for major artist releases, it is the emerging acts which gain the opportunity to poke through just that bit more. Also, I am not particularly enthusiastically stirred up by the prospect of another Sia and David Guetta collaboration which came out this week. Instead, (as far as I am concerned) it is another David who has come up with the goods. Danish-Icelandic independent artist DAVID44 is celebrating the release of, his first track of the year with dreamy effort “Understood” today.

I had “Understood” sent over to me earlier in the week, and I have not stopped listening to it. The track came in at the right time when I was craving for softness, over emboldened pop. The soothing, melody and dreamy vocals have suited my mood. Besides having written about DAVID44 before, I hoped he would once again, deliver slinky, smooth, sonic pop goodness. True to form DAVID44 came through on all accounts.

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Rather than I make an attempt at dissecting the lyrics and narrative of “Understood.” I, instead, put in a request to DAVID44. To please tell us more. First, about the concept of the track. Second, about the process of how it came about. The lovely response below is what he sent back.

Understood” is about the key to a simple and happier life: communication. We’re social beings, and most of us have someone in our life that we’re really close with. I believe that it is essential to communicate from the heart with the people closest to you. It might sound easy, but there is a lot of courage and trust that goes into, honest, and real communication. To be able to speak from the heart and really be honest makes everything so much easier. That’s what “Understood” is all about.”

“Working with Caroline Ailin (Caroline has an impressive CV working with stars like Katy Perry, Zara Larsson, Louis the Child and Ellie Goulding – not to mention Dua Lipa) is a great example of the opportunities that can occur during the covid lockdown. I met Caroline in LA last year where we bonded really well, and all of the sudden we found ourselves stuck in Copenhagen at the same time. So the greatest, why not?’ session of my life came to life by chance, I guess. I’ve made music for years, but to work with a grammy nominated songwriter was, an amazing learning curve for me. The way she focuses on lyrics was nothing short of incredible, and I feel extremely lucky to have worked with her. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time!”

I do hope Spotify give the track some proper playlist attention, in the coming days. But will they? I will be keeping a close eye on, Fridays playlists to see how the release fairs. Nevertheless, I will keep on with keeping on popping this dreamboat song into my ears. If you appreciate good pop as we do on EQ, you might consider doing similarly the same. It feels so good helping an independent artist out. “Understood” is simply audiolicious (strange word? well we haven’t, said that in a long time but also fits my thoughts about the song perfectly).

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