Sweden’s latest teen sensation to be reckoned with Zara Larsson, quite pulled us over in emotive and sincerely glowing über talent as recent choice of EQ Discovery, by introduction of her Rihanna-esque ballad “Uncover”.

Gaining another glimpse, aside from that confident strident ballad, Zara lifts a second impression from her debut “Introducing EP” with a pop slice of fresh ‘n’ fly teen power that takes the young talent to a new level of pre-stratospheric fame that surely seems the likely outcome should she maintain pumping the vocals as cute and large as this.

Check out the many styled looks and hot and sprightly spry wall of pop sound from Zara Larsson’s latest effort “Under My Shades”, it’s all too dazzlingly sparkle popalicious and rainbow brite in brilliance, we’ve just gotta wear shades to head off too much emission of ultraviolet rays on this factor 80 of pure sunshine pop radiance.