I don’t suppose there isn’t many of us who didn’t at one time half-believe in the childhood fantasy forged by our attachment to our play things, that if we lay awake at night the content of our toybox might come alive right? (Incidentally, it’s an OK thing to admit even if you’re an adult!)

Well there is everything of that sentiment packed into the video of newcomers the Daydreamers debut single “Uncool”.

Adam and Angel of the electro-pop duo are quite a quirky twosome and they have put together a popilcious bundle of nostalgically yearning delightfulness that will tug at the kidadult heartstrings and also serve as encouraging support to younger rebel-hearts alike.

In a nutshell, we’re spurred on by the anime loving twosome to not raise two cares at derogatory comments from outside forces and be comfortable in our uncool skins. Which actually, are way cooler because we are so at ease with doing our own sweet thing that who’s at liberty to say this of us still enjoying comic books when we’re over school age tsk!

Whatever the label is, misfits, nerds, geeks and freaks will tell you conformity is alright for a bit and then it kinda gets a bit boring! So if an equilibrium can be righted by slipping a bandana on and blinging ourselves up in the tub surrounded by our mega collection of anime figurines so be it. We are SO cool with that! And if our anime figures could talk, we know they wouldn’t tell us anything different to this would they?!