These guys Dusky Grey certainly know how to put a smile on my face. Each and every, one of their singles to date has been positively joyous. What I particularly like about them. There is always some depth to the song lyrics as well, where the duo scratch in some wisdom and life learning advice they have gathered up from their transition into adulthood. Since their 2017, debut release “Told Me” the duo has stirred up major momentum. The time has come to take a bold step forward with absolute pop anthem “Uncontrollable,” their first release on the Parlophone label.

Much of what we have become familiar with as Dusky Grey’s signature style remains. A change in label backing ensures the duo can develop their sound, make it bigger, bolder and brighter than anything they have put out before. “Uncontrollable” has the full works of electronic mastery, brass and horns. The track is dazzlingly euphoric. Upbeat and bouncy. It is a pop parcel bursting with feel-good vibes and wisdom.

““Uncontrollable” is about relationships and how they often leave you feeling like you are losing control’ – (Gethin Williams)

The centre-piece of the track is Catrin and Gethin’s vocals. These stand out with the same emotive power as they always have. This time perhaps with just a tad more confidence that comes with growing into their own artistic strengths.

I have genuinely enjoyed what Dusky Grey have come up with in their music videos. They are always bursting with wholesome fun. As they are now pushing forward as a bigger pop concern, “Uncontrollable” sees them join in with the vertical video trend. It is a visual of bold colours, digital animation with Catty and Gethin cutting some lively dancing styled shapes. More to the point of being a vertical clip, it is absolutely going to pop right out at you when viewing it on your mobile phone. So in this respect alone, it is blooming ace.

The appeal of this duo is universal. It doesn’t matter what age you are. The music of Dusky Grey will keep you feeling youthful. Catchy beats and bright, effervescent pop is clearly in their DNA.

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