I will always make time to check out new emerging bands/artists who are on a mission to keep my favourite decade in music alive, the 1980’s. My memory is still, vivid with the electric atmosphere the beginning of the digital era gave, revolutionary advancements creating styles of sound, designing a blueprint for future generations and the contemporary kind of pop we have today, all stem from the 1980’s. Minneapolis based Finesse is a pop duo inspired by 1982, created for 2017, or so their bio reads. I, actually love the fact, their first official release “Unbroken Memory” is promoted, as a maxi single. Another brownie point for nostalgia and seeing the 80’s vibe right through to the tiniest of details.

Finesse have located some analogue synthesizers for themselves and, they were partway to, recreating, a vintage Pet Shop Boys-inspired style of synth-pop. Patrick Donohoe vocalist of the duo has a rather, Marc Almond quality to his voice which is easy to pick up, on. And, when Finesse partner in synth-pop, Jeff Cornell’s neon evocative, arrangements loop in the results are in the purest sense, totally, synthtronic.

Finesse is taking their homage to the 1980’s right down the technology rabbit hole where the look of their music video is concerned. No hi-definition, enhancement has been spared on the supporting clip of the duo perfecting their moody poses as they go for a walkabout in the city, at night time. As such the duo remain authentic to the 80’s electronic era, bringing back all the nostalgia in their analogue engineered, synthscapes while maintaining a balance that ultimately keeps listeners rooted in their empathetic songwriting.

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