Every now and again we are given reason to go out of the “electro” box as it were, basically because something is sounding so cool to us that we just cannot let it pass by.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured Jamie Scott on EQ and it maybe that the name might not be instantly so familiar, so let’s just set the picture a little in re-establishing that Jamie first came to our notice through his own quirky indie pop band Graffiti6 with their “Stare Into The Sun”, “Annie You Saved Me” hit spawning debut album “Colours” in 2010.

Relocated for a spell in L.A. after finding success stateside, the most recent development as Graffiti6 has seen the alternative pop outfit do a Beyonce and clean out the blue independently release their sophomore album “The Bridge”.

Primarily Jamie has always looked upon himself as singer / songwriter and you may not be aware that he has been behind some of One Direction’s most recent hits and also worked with this years hottest boyband The Vamps.

If that wasn’t enough to keep Jamie occupied he’s become married, a father and has penned some songs reflecting this forming his upcoming debut album “My Hurricane”.

From “My Hurricane” comes “Unbreakable” a truly heartfelt country/folk and indie-pop inclined ballad, which is accompanied by Jamie’s first choice of instrument the acoustic guitar.

From the sublime notation, earnest vocals, to the rise and fall of the touching lyrics. This all comes together folks to highlight precisely why it is that Jamie is in such demand within today’s industry of new pop.