I literally knew nothing of this German electronic duo called Hundreds when I found this track sent into my inbox, but I harboured an inkling even before checking it out that I might very well like it / love it even.

Although, it isn’t brought to my attention as often as I’d like. I DO know that the Germans are rather fab at turning out industrial tinged electronica, seeping with a creative edge about it. I only have to think back to bands like Propaganda and Claudia Brϋcken and of course the titans of German electronica Kraftwerk, to be reminded of how instrumental they once were to bringing electronic music to the fore during its period of major prominence in the 80’s and 90’s.

I still have a big appetite for this kind of dark imbued electronica and feel it will rise up again one day soon to be considered fashionable. It’s never lost it’s cool with me though, and I dare say the Depeche Mode heads who do love some of this dramatically fledged soundscape, will be impressed and suitably joined together in melancholy by Hundreds most recent album “Wilderness”. If I was going to tell the Modesters to go seek out one track from the Hundreds “Wilderness” album, without any hesitation I’d be pointing them in the direction of a track called “Spotless”, because I don’t feel an true DM fan could not resist to be massively into it.

I have seriously digressed from what I set out to talk about, but that’s what enthusiasm and the joy of music discovery does sometimes. What I really wanted to bring to your attention was the newly released video for the Milner siblings excellent recent single “Un-Unify”. Bear in mind this is probably to be considered one of the most upbeat tracks from the album and therefore regarded with the most commercial selling point, it does deftly transcend, plenty of experimental shaping within it too.

And now if I might direct you back to what I stated at the beginning of this review. On checking Hundreds and “Un-Unify” out, I felt the grip of new obsession instantly wrap it’s powerful shadowy pop tones over me, and immerse me into a yet undiscovered new music world of Hundreds intoxicatingly, creative tunes.