America’s Got Talent alumni Brian Justin Crum recently returned to the show participating in The Champions edition. Featured were previous winners and finalist’s from both the American and International branches of the show. Much like his first appearances in the competition during 2016. The singer put in some more of his signature styled powerhouse performances. His spectacular, interpretation of Elton John classic “Your Song” was nothing short of jaw-dropping to the floor, amazing. And has done a superb job in getting everyone speaking about him again. With an opportunity too good, to be passed by. The talent has started to release new material with a view to unleashing a debut EP in the near future. Presumably, it will feature “I & U” the singer’s latest offering.

We know Brian’s vocal suits in with the widescreen and dramatic aesthetics which are best used in musicals, but he is cool with pop offerings as well. “I & U” fits in with the latter. Is a touch, yearning and wistful in its narrative. Ruminates about a failed romance as a way of figuring out how to move forward. Demonstrates that he can switch out his powerhouse chops replacing with a softer singing style. So as to showcase a, emotively vulnerable dynamic. The songs raw captivating emotion and confident lyrics affirm. It is another strong showing from the emerging talent.

“The video for “I & U” is the most, free Iʼve ever felt in my Queer expression. I spent so many years trying to “butch it up” so that people around would feel more comfortable and so that I could fit into anyone’s little box, they wanted to put me in. Being that it is PRIDE month, I wanted to dive deep into my expression, who I want to be in the world and what I want that to look like,” Explains Brian. “I wanted to feature a diverse cast of women who are strong in their own expression as well. Growing up queer I was surrounded by women who supported me. My friends at school were all girls and it was their mothers (and my own) that loved me for who I was. I think itʼs very important that we as gay men rally behind women and fight with them as they have always fought with us.”

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