Luciana  1

Photo: David T Burgoyne

Oh happy days! Sound the electro pop sirens! Our favourite Queen of Queens, of electro fierce, Luciana has snuck out a new dose of hot mess.

Although, in my opinion we just don’t get hear enough from Luciana these days, electro’s first lady always brings us the full explosive measure and more when she does slam down the recordings.

Hook up to Luciana’s latest electro rumble “U B The Bass”, you know want too and you also know you won’t be able to resist her distinctively commanding sirens call when her pipes roar out their raspy tigress goodness.

Luciana pays a futuristic styled tribute in her mega dynasty-like shoulder pads through this video to the newly honoured Kate Bush’s iconic pop vignette “Running Up That Hill”. Something tells us, that Luciana won’t be running up any hills in her skyscraper heels though.