I have a lot to be thankful for in listening to James Yuill’s swimmingly precise synth pop mastery, as it was James’s previous diamond effort of folktronica gem, album “Movement In A Storm” that led me to discover and completely become enthralled by the similarly twinkly synth stylings of Bright Light Bright Light.

As James readies to release his third studio album “These Spirits”, he’s switched up the synths to a more full bodied and Hot Chip / New Order resonating sound that takes the folktronica whizz slightly out on the perimeter edge of the avant-garde minimalist approach that has held him in good steed and regard for a defining career span.

Introductory taste of the new album is unleashed via forthcoming single “Turn Yourself Around” that embraces the morals of being opened minded to changing your outlook on given situations.

The video bids a nod in presentation to the Greek Mythological story of Sisyphus.  As I skipped classical Greek and Latin class at school I did not know this, but the helpful PR blurb filled me in.  (I do like my facts and info but I didn’t want you to give you all the false impression I’m that much of a boffin!).

Lastly, hopefully it’s not just me that gets the faintest trace of ATB’sTill I Come” beating out when the diminutive section kicks in around 2:30 mins.