Wait a minute, P!NK has a new song out! I didn’t realise I needed a new track from her as much as I did until I listened to the Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter’s new single “TRUSTFALL“.

When I think about pop stars who up the ante when it comes to their live performances. It isn’t Madonna, Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga that stand out to me. It is P!NK that makes my jaw drop in awe and wonderment. Quite honestly, when she came to my home town of Ipswich in 2010 on the “Fun House Summer Carnival” tour. I hadn’t planned to attend but my sister encouraged me to have a night out and I ended up having the best time of my life at any gig I have ever been to, to this very day. Period. (Bear in mind, I have seen Madonna and Michael Jackson).

Her brand of rock-pop was not something I was listening to until that night in June. However, she left such an impression on me afterwards, that I frankly have continued to admire her artistic prowess above all else.

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As a consequence, I always look at any new stuff from her even if I did not write about it. Yet to have her put out a bona fide electro-pop stomper places her as a cut above the rest in terms of new music releases this week.

TRUSTFALL” is a declaration to leave one’s fears behind and put faith in the unknown. The song is also the title track to her upcoming album (her 9th) out this February 17th.

Also, I know, I can rely on P!NK for sending out no less of a spectacular music video. Since as a pop force, she always empowers and exhilarates in her video choices. The Georgia Hudson-directed clip, allows her to go ahead and indulge in another of the crazy, incredible aerial stunts she is renowned for.

Sometimes you just have to witness a heart-stopping moment to fully appreciate being alive. Yet again inspirational P!NK with this video reminds me that life is for the taking and I hold the cards.

The album ”TRUSTFALL” is out on February 17th PRE-SAVE HERE

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