Dallas native, Boy Epic couldn’t have chosen his artist name any more wisely! It’s a case of epic by name and epically cinematic in the music that he makes.

I remember Boy Epic from a few years back when he was just beginning to make waves. He’s certainly moved upwards in direction and polished up his act along the way. These days he’s heavily into self-directing his music videos. He’s a one-stop-shop of encompassed talent and I think he is really laying down his trump card of multi-faceted artistry on current single “Trust”.

A hybrid in sound brought about by an intoxicating mix of slamming electro, amplified with super-charged glam pop and punchy bass beats, is how Boy Epic has won my favour. It’s a mix reveling in confidence and self-assured performance. As gripping as it is, it also exudes a strong sense of lyricism and storytelling.

The video is every bit as dramatic as well. In truth, it’s more of a mini movie and I’m not about to be revealing any spoilers before you watch it.

I will say this about Boy Epic though – he has an electro-rocking beat of his own drum. I sense with even more feistiness in his belly, he might well break through the cult status barrier and make it as a bona fide mega pop star yet.