Hatty Keane 1It’s been clear for a while now that emerging urban pop starlet Hatty Keane has been gifted with something that extra bit sassy. The young star still only at 18 was first noticed at an open mic night a couple of years ago and it’s fair to say Hatty hasn’t looked back for one minute since.

Infact, if anything Hatty’s worked super hard in reaching this point as she prepares to release her debut album in the coming months, the process has involved premium gigs alongside Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs & Mika also.

Whilst writing the main bulk of the debut album “Pick N Mix” and the recording it, Hatty’s spent an insurmountable amount of time connecting with her young fans and whilst doing so has been spreading the message of positivity through her role as an ambassador for The Mentor Foundation.

So absolutely Hatty is now stage set for the big time and album lead-in single “Troublemaker” is representative of this.

All the hard work pays off as Hatty inflicts her perfectly atoned urban pop vocals with sublime clarity and uber proficient styling, that quite frankly some of her peers really do need to hear about to see what a shining example of a pop newcomer Hatty is waiting in the wings.

Hatty is not entirely in the limelight on “Troublemaker” it also introduces London based emerging hip-hop artiste Paiidz who invests her tidy emceeing with affective boom ting.