Her last studio album, Trouble, may not have blown up on the charts when released in 2013, but that has not stopped goth-pop princess Natalia Kills from promoting the numerous brilliant gems featured on the effort. For the album’s third official single, Kills has released a dark and tragic music video in support of the personal title track.

Kills‘ showed off her sexual, provocative attitude in the visual for “Problem“, let us in to the painful memories of her childhood in “Saturday Night” and now opens up about her reckless behavior and relationships for “Trouble“. The artist has never been one to shy away from explicit subject matter in her work, the new video is no different.

From the abusive relationship with her boyfriend to her unfortunate, self-destructive addiction, Kills proves just why at times she can be trouble. Though the realization is covered through her drug use, the singer continues to fall down the illusive rabbit hole and hits her breaking point during a fight in a karaoke bar and some steamy backseat sex. The visual ends with Kills‘ setting her place on fire. Going out in flames is the only way to go.

Though many have already swept the critical darling that was Kills‘ second studio album under the rug, the pop rebel proves why you should never truly count her out. “Trouble” is yet another visual masterpiece from one of pop music’s most creative minds.