Finally, Harry Styles has given some promotion to “Fine Line” track “Treat People With Kindness,” the exact statement which has spearheaded much of the album campaign. There was some very, good strategic planning by Harry Styles HQ, unleashing a video on New Years Day starring Harry alongside “Fleabag” creator, writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The release comes after mid-December announcement that the UK and European Love on Tour dates scheduled for February / March 2021 were postponed until further notice.

What is it with former boy band singers having old-time aspirations of stepping back into the swoonful golden era of music, and silver screen age of film? Robbie Williams and Nathan Sykes have been here. Harry Styles now pays these bygone days a visit courtesy once more of a Ben Turner & Gabe Turner directed video. The clip is set in a theatre. Although the feel is somewhat of vaudeville character because of the black and white footage. (Clearly, this is Harry’s way of highlighting another of the hard-hit areas in the entertainment sector owing to the continuing restrictions of the pandemic, isn’t it?)

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Harry puts on a cabaret performance. A proper, song and dance routine complete with some Gene Kelly like dance moves. The clip also explores the idea that dancing improves physical and mental wellbeing. (Performing also being a trigger of positive feelings while entertaining others). The upbeat number definitely, fizzes with a sparkling pizzaz. That will undoubtedly send the happy endorphins inside us leaping about with gleeful abandon. Have Harry and Phoebe created the first Tik Tok trend of 2021? quite probably. Regardless, what a lovely sentiment to start the New Year on. This is a trend which you should very much jump on, and you might just wanna give “Fine Line” another look while you go about re-honing your self-care routine for 2021, as well. “Fine Line” just, never gets old. It’s a classic. That’s what it is.

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