Night Drive are the dark lords of electronica, the Austin based duo’s self-titled debut album released during the summer this year is a pulsing collection of new-wave steeped synesthesia and sci-fi epic tracks. From beginning to end the long player makes bold statements coercing spiky melodies, thoughtful lyrics enveloped in a neon noir aesthetic. It’s a ride back to everything that was good about the birth of the new romantic movement in the 1980’s, which brought alt-electronic bands like David Sylvian’s Japan, Sisters of Mercy and Steve Strange’s Visage out of the underground, sparking a new sound and style revolution. Recently I wrote about the track “Trapeze Artist Regrets” as I felt it is the most standout number on the album, I like the magnetic beats and delicious, dark pop content of the song. For me, the track is where Night Drive hit the heights of greatness and, I am thrilled to learn that it now has some visuals to support it.

I am not going to suggest (yes, I am) that Night Drive have waited for season 2 of Stranger Things to begin to tie in with the launch of the “Trapeze Artist Regrets” music video, but you have to agree it does all seem a very stranger things coincidence. You will appreciate even more so why this is a fortuitous spooky occurrence when you watch the video. Who knows what other beings are out there when night time hours descend its shadowy cloak of darkness down onto planet earth at the end of the day? We don’t know enough about supernatural powers and extra-terrestrial life forces, humankind only speculates through the sci-fi realms possibilities but, it is something that, to a degree, everyone has a curiosity with, especially film-makers! Sounds, like a great concept for a music video for a band whose music, explores a dystopian aesthetic. Myself, Night Drive and also the woman with telekinetic powers and lasers eyes in the Jeremy Cloe directed clip all tend to agree.

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