kazaky touch me

The boys in heels, the fabulous KAZAKY, hold nothing back for the release of their latest music video supporting “Touch Me”, an uptempo electro/dance creation that would fit in perfectly at the nearest club or with the energy while strutting down the runway.

Set in an apparently laidback airport, the boys make their grand appearance and cause trouble with their first few steps, carrying suspicious items in their carry-ons. The frisking gets a bit steamy and closer to the group’s comfort level, leading to impressive dance routines and jaw-dropping interrogations.

The high energy of the track comes across in the sharp, high-fashion, attitude-filled music video. KAZAKY are not a group that plays it safe, “Touch Me” is a perfect example of that. Four sets of six-pack abdominal muscles, gorgeous close ups and suggestive dance moves will cause temperatures to rise and make this new effort a pleasurable visual.

Take a moment to watch the new music video for “Touch Me”, you certainly won’t regret that you did.