Torn Apart” is only a single release from a mixtape and a very good one at that, yet mega indie-pop outfit Bastille haven’t skimped out with regard to the video, oh no they haven’t!, they have sought out weirdly creative director Keith Schofield known for his utter brilliance and outlandish conceptional visions that created Duck Sauce’s strangely disturbing yet equally amusing “Big Bad Wolf” video a couple of years ago.

The Grades assisted lead track off of mixtape VS.‘Others peoples Heartache Part III’, receives an equally freaky video treatment upon the preface and defining aim being that love is love.

Like King Of Pop Michael Jackson went one up from Godley and Creme’sCry‘ video with a sequence of face morphing effects for “Black Or White”, Schofield takes up the baton of facial and body morphing effects, even reaching out to alien species for good measure.

Once you get over the initial WTF it all becomes really quite cool.

My absolute favourite bit right now is when some guys face morphs into what you’re made to think is a butt crack but actually turns out to be a leg. Told you it was crazy shit!

On it’s own merit as a stand alone track “Torn Apart” creates a high impact. Whether you like or not this bizarre video only serves to make it even the more highly memorable.