New York duo and electroclash icons Fischerspooner returned with their first new music in a while, recently announcing the upcoming release of fourth studio album “Sir“. Previously featured single “Togetherness” with former Chairlift member Caroline Polachek introduced Fischerspooner’s art-driven aesthetic to a new generation. The hypnotic style of electronic pop was out on a boundary while being sleek and cool overall, the creative place favoured best by the duo. Fore-runner to the album release and follow up single “TopBrazil” embraces a dark electronic pop ambience but nonetheless, teeters, a step nearer the mainstream in a similar stylistic approach to that of celebrated alternative electronic pop legends Depeche Mode.

Recognising a profound and erotically-charged theme, Spooner explains, “The video celebrates a pop aesthetic typically reserved for the female archetype and liberates the male form to be sexual, expressive and fearless.” The Tom C J Brown directed visual is certainly all-encompassing of the intimate subject matter and is striking and incredibly artful, as well.

Thankfully, we’ve come along way from the ban slapped on Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Relax” video from 1983, and where Fischerspooner can share this form of expression in the knowledge of dodging censorship, all but age-appropriate ones. The video clip lays on the line sexual liberation seen from a man-on-man perspective. Apart from being hot to watch, it is body art supreme, but on a sexually embodied level. Either you view it as a response to the current atmosphere in America, for the art it is, or both. Truthfully, interpretation is up to the individual although, I will say the clip pretty much draws you to one conclusion celebrating, unabashed sexuality with no filter in a tribute to queer love.

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