Christopher 1

Time to pick up on one of our featured emerging artists.

Danish pop newcomer Christopher Nissen, scored attention with his debut album “Colours” and knocked us for six, charming us with his delightfully smooth and lilting single “Nothing In Common”.

Christopher returns and is ready to go some more with new single “Told You So”.

Together with a re-style of image, Christopher game-changes jumping right into the Timberlake vibes, moulding the first insight of material post debut album sound as a retro urban, dance pop fusion.

Rippled also with a nostalgic nod to 80’s disco funksters Imagination’s track “Just An Illusion” in evidence, Christopher carries the slinky number with a match made repose and a good complement of lofty falsetto highlights.

This might just be the direction that begins to make Christopher acknowledged internationally.