Newcomer duo Dusky Grey make music that is a little soft pop and stripped back acoustic. Much to their initial surprise, debut track “Told Me” catapulted the duo into the spotlight, subsequently clocking up a tidal wave of support.

While it may not have been obvious in the beginning to Gethin and Catrin of Dusky Grey. “Told Me” resonates with such a catchy appeal and riff heavy formula that it was always going to be the kind of track that would take-off like wildfire, especially in these times of singer/songwriter pop domination. More than this though, the harmonies are just the stuff of dreamy, folk pop delight. Which seeing as we’re now into the month of May, the sweet smell of summer sun is a tempting time to heat up on the summery sounds as well. With “Told Me” it’s a combination of an influence in reggae styled rhythms and guitar strokes which create the heat hazy vibe.

What is so refreshing, is the song lyrics themselves which deliver a different perspective on being with a serial cheater than most pop songs care to concentrate on. As catrin explains “There are loads of songs about cheating, but they’re normally about the girl being really upset about it. There aren’t many songs where someone’s been cheating on and they were like, do you know what? I’m fine. It turned out worse for the guy who cheated.” An explanation which acts as a perfect description of what is happening in the newly released video that has just been launched to support the track now the duo have inked up with East West / Warner Music Group.

I rather think Dusky Grey’s “Told Me” demonstrates a clear understanding of good pop sensibility and that more than anything is what makes them worthy to keep an eye on.