It has been almost a decade since Fischerspooner released their last album “Entertainment“, the duo is ready to impart their fourth album “Sir” in the new year. They are prepping the release of the album with introductory singles “Have Fun Tonight” and “Togetherness“.

I am not as knowledgeable as maybe I should be about New York duo Fischerspooner, although, I do know this much whatever the duo set out to do, an art aesthetic is high on the agenda for the electroclash icons. The style of the band can be regarded at best, as theatrical with a sense of drama. What I lack in knowledge about the music is made up in the nerdy information of the duo’s founder members Warren Fischer – composer, Casey Spooner, songwriter, vocalist, performer, who both have a background in art. In fact, my introduction to all things Fischerspooner came back in 2011 when our Creative Director Raj wrote about and interviewed Casey Spooner on his solo debut album “Adult Contemporary“.

For the upcoming album “Sir“, the duo have an interesting, collaborator with Michael Stipe of the American indie-rock band R.E.M as producer. Additionally, on board for current single “Togetherness” is Beyonce producer BOOTS. The track is an arty fusion of sonically glitchy electronics, startling lyrics and homoerotic imagery which is radically stylistically different in sound to duo’s previous output. Caroline Polachek formerly of American synthpop band Chairlift joins the glittering cast on the track as guest vocalist her vocals are haunting and otherworldly. The production is sleek, cool, smart, and ultra-modern. If, the hypnotic beats don’t mesmerise you, the way in which the insightful visuals translate the intimate subject matter of the song most certainly should do the job.

Featured below is the Casey Spooner edit of the video.

Togetherness (Official Video) by Fischerspooner & Caroline Polachek on VEVO.

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