Pawws 2

Readers of EQ are probably now becoming accustomed to me singing the praises of emerging synth pop Princess Pawws. Truth is, I am entirely captivated with the whole feeling of nostalgia and overall quintessentially genteel floaty gracefulness that encompasses of the whole Pawws conjoined single release of “Slow Love” / “Time To Say Goodbye”.

The debut now comes enhanced with a video accompaniment for the exquisitely emotive breezy lament,“Time To Say Goodbye”.

In keeping with the uncluttered forlorn ambience of the track, the clip focuses on Pawws in the direct aftermath of a break-up of a relationship.

Dappled in sunlight and clearing her head-space with a walkabout, Lucy Taylor via her alias of Pawws sweetly and effectively offers an outpouring of the most tear-jerkingly moving, hearts and flowers strewn break-up song that is equally one of the most enchantingly beautiful in character also.

In connecting with the yesteryear ambience of this release and in addition to the digital download options; “Slow Love” / “Time To Say Goodbye” has also been given a limited edition run on vinyl through ASL Records.