Hello, new Erasure video, what a pleasant sight for my eyes you are!

You may or may not have seen the legendary synth-pop duo of Vince Clarke and Andy Bell surprise-released the “Ne:EP” while setting out on the UK leg of “The Neon Tour” two weeks ago. (They have been randomly popping up on TV doing some promo about it.) Because as Andy stated, he no longer updates, has turned off social media. This release may have indeed passed you by. (I am an Erasure Info subscriber and had the heads-up about this). It also made some kind of sense to unleash a video for the EP’s lead track “Time” (Hearts Full Of Love) on the weekend these tour dates started to be wrapped up.

With the tour dates rescheduled more than once. The “Ne:EP” has been issued as a little extra bonus. An add-on if you will, to the eighteenth studio album “The Neon” and “The Neon Remixed” edition. In addition to the track “Secrets” which appears on the (remixed edition) “Ne:EP” is comprised of four new tracks that didn’t make the album.

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That was a lot of information to take in, wasn’t it?… Anyways I hope you’ve got the gist behind the release of this quite fabulous Stephano Barberis directed music video. The fandom has been quick voicing their approval of this digital-creative masterpiece, because Andy and Vince appear in it. The clip does have a concept of time running through it and is spectacularly visually appealing. The link between this video and the video content Stephano created for “The Neon” tour, is probably being missed by most people, though.

A good call from the record label this time, I think, insisting that this track be released. “Time” (Hearts Full Of Love) is a classic slice of Erasure for me. The track mix used in the video is particularly on-point with their very early hits of thirty-five years ago. Most artists and musicians have (should have) the desire to keep pushing the music forward. But sometimes, giving the fans (loyal and new ones) a few goosebumps of nostalgia once in a while is a good thing. 23 year old me in the front rows of the Hammersmith Odeon on The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour is definitely dancing now.

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