Northern Irish, London-based artist D.A.N probably doesn’t realise his track “Think About Me” is quite a lot stylistically reminiscent of early, Prides tracks. However, it is something which instantly leapt out at me the first time I listened to the song. I have even gone so far to dig a little around the internet, for a mere hint that original Prides member and drummer Lewis Gardiner was in some way connected to it. Because, wow the thudding, tribal-esque drum beats which lead into the chorus sound extremely Lewis like to me. (I didn’t manage to unearth a shred of evidence, about any involvement on this track though.)

“I wrote “Think About Me” in the aftermath of a relationship breaking down. It felt I had been holding back from talking about my true feelings for a period of time, and when it came to writing I was ready and said everything I needed to say, but I wanted to turn a difficult experience and the state of vulnerability into something beautiful and a work that made myself feel strong independently. Hopefully, it can do the same for someone else.” explains D.A.N.

Far from being brooding, the track feels immensely empowering part responsible by those punchy, drums which beat with a big air of confidence. By blending, boldly vulnerable lyrics with anthemic but finely textured pop the mood of the track is actually quite philosophical overall. The music video is a pretty startling one, shot in black and white. It features arty close-ups of the singer wrought with emotion, it is a channelling of darkness into light by the way it transitions from scene to scene. As “Think About Me” plays out, it does so with a sense of sincerity and wisdom. The crux of this track and likewise with D.A.N’s other works is it’s all anchored by real human emotion.

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