I cannot lay claim to taking much notice of New-Zealand born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ladyhawke. (Or, New Zealand’s, answer to Kim Wilde as I have always viewed her). The music being, too rock-edged for my taste in the beginning (“My Delirium“). I never went back for another try. On my part, I may have been blindsided in my opinion about her. As I now recognise, I should have picked up on her third album, “Wild Things“, because of the bolder electronic presence it had. Again, I have been receiving nudges on the latest single releases, signifying the arrival of her fourth studio album, “Time Flies“, out on 8th October. Although I was not enthused about any new stuff until the track “Think About You” dropped into my inbox.

This latest taste (the third) in the lead-up to the album release has more of a distinctive pop vibe running through it. When teamed with a series of rhythmically timed handclaps bound together with a guitar-friendly rock riff and trippy electronic elements. Weaves a catchy melody packed with sunshine vibes and touches upon the kind of psychedelic feel that “Raspberry Beret” by Prince has (although not as funky as) and that my ears groove with.

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In a statement about the track, Ladyhawke shares…

“I came up with the idea to write the song about a fantasy, infatuation that miraculously gets reciprocated. I think the dictionary meaning of the word “limerence”, describes this best: Limerence – noun: the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of, or a desire for an intense romantic relationship, with that person.”

The track has something quite catchy, infectious running through it. And I also enjoyed the Britt Walton directed video for the cute, adorable and playful elements it brings. In the clip, we see two ladies enjoying a date night. Tucking into a large cake that is decorated with cherries and swirls of whipped cream. (A use of Innuendo?… most probably). Had a boy version been made, I highly suspect we would be looking at two guys sharing a plate piled high with aubergine parmigiana, (eggplant). As that idea has yet to be made. Here is my tip instead for using up aubergine, which you might have left knocking about in the crisper drawer of the fridge. Add a few chunks into your bolognese mix. It tastes good, plus counts as a portion of the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day.

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