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There is no let up in the stellar run of single releases from Bastille one this years most talked about new bands, namely because debut album “Bad Blood” is a crafted indie pop factory of hits in its own right – hyped in parts by us tastemaking types but for the uppermost reason that Bastille do cut it good above the rest actually.

Consequently you could actually take any track off of ‘Bad Blood’ and filter it out as a single.

Heading up the lead-in to the bands “Bad Blood Returns” tour this fall, the indie pop makers champion the eclectically enriched ballad “Things We Lost In The Fire” as their next single.

With the cult influence of David Lynch’s works running through the fabric of this album “Things We Lost In The Fire” doesn’t dip out on a spot of Lynch-esque character served up in the accompanying video.

Affirming his admiration of the directors most known work, the continued referencing of Twin Peaks reflects through via the inclusion of a willowy blond female lead, who appears to re-construct some of the key imagery from Lynch’s cult melodrama.