For the past few months there has been a flurry of interest which is continuing to snowball around up-and-coming Manchester, indie pop band Pale Waves. Partly because the catchy debut single “There’s A Honey” has been produced by their Dirty Hit label mates, Matty Healy and George Daniel of The 1975.

Try as I might to resist jumping on the band-wagon of such a high-profile collaboration, which doubtlessly could be seen as an exercise in building hype. The new-age gothy strains of “There’s A Honey” has drawn me in and spun me into the path of becoming a fan, at the expense of it’s searingly, enticing grip of electronic fuzzy melody and simply being a strikingly good track.

These newbies are on a fast-track to becoming a much bigger pop concern. Since dropping the single recently, it made sense that they’ve been signed-up as support act for The 1975’s US tour.

What I am loving most, is that Pale Waves are marching to the beat of their own drum and have such a strong band identity from the off. Super stoked by the boy/girl set-up the most, hope upon hope we’re heading back into more bands going back to this mixed set-up, as it can bring a spicier dynamic in the long run. Please stick a girl at the front through! Heather in the role for Pale Waves, is the kind of imposing figure who will in all probability become instantly recognisable overnight. In equal parts for her psychedelically dreamy vocals as for her gothy-punk image.

The video really doesn’t add much to the song other than to visually introduce us to the band. In this it excels in a light fuelled spectacle of magenta and purple rays creating quite a romantic kind of atmosphere surrounding them, adding a rather lovely visual dimension to the emotional mood of the song.

There’s A Honey” is currently the only track which Pale Waves have online, this certainly won’t be the case for too much longer. As all feels as though they are a band with a tank full of tracks waiting in the pipeline for their optimum moment of noticeability to arrive.