Remember the days when you would go to a show and they would make you check in your camera or even take it away?!

Remember the days when you’d get a finger waived at you like a child for taking a picture at a concert?!

Well those days are over in the day and age of social media and evolutionary companies like Evergig are hoping to change that. They work with artists and audiences to help capture footage from gigs so that it may be shared across the world. No one can ever take away the feeling of being at a live gig, but if you can’t make it for whatever reason, you’d at least like to be able to see it on-demand now wouldn’t you?

More artists and labels should embrace this technology because it truly is revolutionary.

And being that The Young Professionals are pretty much more than ‘just a band’ for me, you can imagine my excitement when they partnered up with Evergig and compiled two entire concerts from their recent performances in Israel and France. The show I saw in Paris was pretty much ‘a religious experience’ for me and I’m so happy to be able to share it amongst the followers todays.

May TYP be with you.