After literally being slapped in the aural senses, every which way by the fierce electronic roar of Nero’s return single “The Thrill”, the trio give their behemoth of EDM even more edge as it now receives as an underworldly visual treatment.

Oh my life, it’s a task on hand to contain this electro colossus, so it appears that in getting this thrill per second music-bomb into shape, Grammy Award winning master creators Nero have been holed down in a bunker. They’ve probably had to burrow miles deep towards the earth’s core if the aftershock waves on this baby are anything to go by.

It is however, a location which lends itself into the perfect set-up to unleash the full powerhouse force together with a blinding strobe and laser light show.

No apologies, the drop is one of the dirtiest motherfucker’s that I’ve heard in over a year, clear takes the breath away, the heart race and gets the motor running all in one scenario.