Strewth, I seem to be covering more Australian pop music than anything else for the blog these days. I’m not really sad about that, I’m just stating facts. It is very reassuring to see how Australia is opening-up its entertainment sector again since the pandemic struck. Obviously, it is still just about summer in the southern hemisphere. Because of that, there are lots of sunshine sounding music releases emanating from the land down under. As I am always up for letting a bit of sunshine in, in life as in music. I am super happy to share “The Thing About Us” by Beks with you. I have a feeling, the EQ readers will really like the 80s electro-pop vibe of the track and appreciate the catchy pop melody.

Sydney native Beks used to be in a punk-rock girl band called Rackett. But I can’t say the same is true about her solo efforts as making a racket because they do not. Beks has firmly got her teeth into making melodically catchy pop, peppered to perfection with big hooks. I checked out a couple of Bek’s recent tracks and I think she has found her calling by going down the pop route. The premise of “The Thing About Us” it’s a charming ditty written about the blurred lines between friendship and love and the complications thereof.

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The track is adorably cute. And is a match made in pop heaven for anyone with sweet-tooth as it feeds you honeyed styled vocals and sugar-coated synthy beats. I’ll leave you to make up your own minds about the music video. Which could either be seen as two friends hanging out or enjoying a date night. I’m confused. Beks and her pal are confused. Really confused.com. I enjoyed the song but I’ll be honest this style of music video usually isn’t my thing. I do think it is lovely seeing the closeness between two people/friends. As when, before social-distancing became the new rule. It’s been a while. And for that reason alone, the clip stands out when at any other time the overall impact of the video would not have the same effect.)

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