Bif Naked hit notoriety back in 1998, with her bubblegoth Buffy the Vampire Slayer ballad ‘Lucky.’ Back then she’d already become a national rock n’ roll treasure, based in her home city of Vancouver, Canada. But before long, Bif was stealing the lil’ punk hearts of fans everywhere, becoming a cult musical icon with her humanitarian ethos and honest, bare-knuckled new wave musings.

Over her twenty-year long career, her music has proved to be a sonic chameleon, an unabashed rainbow of gleaming personalities both on the stage and in the studio. After releasing 5 full-length records (plus a spoken word album) and fighting an unimaginably inspiring battle with breast cancer, Bif has taken some time to reflect on her modest yet kaleidoscopic catalogue with an ‘Acoustic Hits & Other Delights‘ collection. A wonderful array of the Canadian’s reimagined classics, stripped more naked than ever before.


In addition to the acoustic tracks, Bif has also treated fans to a few new songs, one being ‘The Only One‘ released as a radio remix this week (just in time for any February 14th romantics.) Fans of fellow Canadians LIGHTS & Tegan and Sara will appreciate the up-tempo saccharine pop stylings of this audible bliss-bomb. It remains true to Bif’s gift of being able to birth inherently personal yet universally catchy earworms but this is perhaps the most mature & polished she’s sounded in recent memory…

Bif, still naked and shining brighter than ever!

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