Callia Bara

As a relative newcomer to the music of Callia Bara, I’m quick becoming aware that not only is Callia a right doll, of no disputable question – indeed a hot fox moreover, but there’s a lot more depth to her all encompassed creative being than the veneer of eye candy she presents.

Infact, Callia is an astute innovator of pop culture, fusing the mediums of visuals, photography, musicianship, and artistry as her strengths into a performance of eclectic cabaret that further exposes her wide range of attributes.

From the current self-titled debut EP, Callia excels in unleashing an alluring provocative symphony of seductive electronic ambience, which is led by her glamorously resplendent and luxurious vocals.

Everything about this piece evokes an opulent nature, from its feverishly passionate outlook of nocturnal musical arrangement to the indulgent visual design. So indulgent that there’s two of her sharing the camera space for practically most of the video clip, which falls a little trippy in places and sends my eyes a little googly, but then they are brought back to focus with a frame shot of Callia’s melons.

Oooo all said, this track is just so mesmeric damn it!