We have warmed to the candid lyricism of spoken word singer with a flow and sometimes traditional vocalist Mary Lambert so heartedly, that we see Mary very much as a breath of fresh air on the pop landscape.

She’s genuinely open and honest. She tackles delicate areas of subject matter right up front authentically and with sensitivity, and well she has just the most endearing aura about her that we can’t help ourselves but be taken in by every emotionally packed and truthful word that she utters.

Infact, maybe Lily Allen, might like to take a closer look at this new track of Mary Lambert’s, it’s called “Secrets” and acts as lead to the forthcoming debut album “Heart On My Sleeve”. “Secrets” see’s Mary exploring her fun side, whilst bearing her soul of her own dirty laundry as it were, all done in a quirky manner which is quite of the style of self observational content which Lily has become famed for.

I just feel seeing as Lily’s return to pop hasn’t come out the full baked kooky cookie of unconventional pop goodness that she possibly hoped it would turn out to be and has placed her in a bit of a cartoony area and whereas Mary is however, rocking it on all levels, that Lily might take some of notice of Mary’s effectively demurer presentation in comparison and work any future pieces with a Mary vibe in mind, that the results might tip Lily back into a newer warmth of pop favour again.

The other thing to really strike me concerning “Secrets” is that I could totally imagine Sarah McIntosh of Lovestarrs belting out a cover of this song, it’s all in the “So What” refrain that is suggestive of this!

If we are all truthful, in this multi-confessional piece there’s probably one point at least that each one of us will be able to connect with Mary on, on some level.