I Am A Camera 1

OK so, I’ve already offered my two bob bit in review to this new single “The Legendary Children” by top notch synth pop duo I Am A Camera, but let me not shut up shop on it just yet, as there’s now an accompanying video to be viewing on it too.

Francesca and Ian of I Am A Camera invite us to revel in the pop art colourful explosion of filters and projections that bring to life their special FX multiplied army of I Am A Camera visionaries, that pours influence from pop artist Roy Liechtenstein, the film “Spring Breakers”, the cinematography of Pedro Almodovar and the deee-grooviness of 90’s dance pop sensations Deee-Lite.

That’s quite an eclectic bag of influences isn’t it! – the common grounding between all parties, being dynamic and vibrant in their artistic approach which is coherently captured and presented through the resulting video.

Is it therefore, pop art? Or is it therefore, art pop? Whatever slot it triggers, it’s a striking presentation of either and a fittingly superb promo clip to an all round stellar composition of synth pop.